Looking for a city where you can fish for walleye, hike an Ice Age trail, or join a floating parade? Then Ladysmith, Wisconsin, is for you.

Over 800 employees work at our Ladysmith facilities, which include a Weather Shield window and door showroom.

Muskie, northern pike and walleye top the wish lists of local fishermen. And, if you really like to get your feet wet, you can participate in the annual Northland Mardi Gras festival every July. There's a Venetian night "floats that float" parade on the Flambeau River along with a citywide water fight.

For those who prefer to stay dry and on the move, Ladysmith offers the Blue Hills and Ice Age mountain trails. The challenging paths can be traveled during the winter by snowmobiles, skis and snowshoes, or in the summer by foot or mountain bike.

Ladysmith was once named Flambeau Falls. Some say the renaming of the city was a romantic tribute to the wife of city developer, Charles Smith. Others argue that the city was named after Ladysmith, South Africa, an area mentioned frequently in early newspapers.

Whichever the case, few doubt that the introduction of the Soo Line Railroad in 1885 helped develop the forest areas of Ladysmith. Paying tribute to the city's history, Old Smokey, a restored Soo Line steam locomotive, sits proudly in the middle of town.

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